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Korea Town Acid
Mahogani Forest

Mahogani Forest




1x Vinyl 12" 33 ⅓ RPM Mini-Album



Release date

Jun 25, 2018

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Tite Bond



Zoom Lab



Mahogani Forest



Bubble Tease



Virtual Reality



Digital Dive


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boomkat: ...Arguably thee deepest Seekersinternational dive bubbles back up for a necessary new edition with Ossia’s excellent No Corner label, and in a new remastered roots version to bootScrolling back to near ground zero in their widely celebrated catalogue, ‘Rootprinciple’ is foundational SKRS business that appeared on Bristol’s finest in 2014, a few years after their session for the late, great Digitalis, and would pave the way for a run of outstanding turns over the years, garnering praise from all quarters to their borderless, judicious application of dub psychedelia.It’s truly essential listening if you’ve been snagged on their sound and ever tumbled down one of their wormholes, playing it relatively stripped back and breezy compared with some of their wilder shenanigans, with a real focus on sensuality and smoked out atmospheres that’s primed for toking types and late night sessions. The tracklist has been slightly trimmed, but contains all the spirited nutrition of the original, keeping heads and feet off the ground with finely toggled and juggled dub FX that have become their hallmark, filleting and diffusing samples of obscure and classic roots dub records in an endless swirl of shifty subbass hits, vaporous vocal contrails and smudged harmonic horizons that come off like the results of Rhythm & Sound’s imaginary cosmic siblings. Peerless! Crucial! Killer!
boomkat: ...One of 2021’s lushest ambient sides, ‘Picnic’ is a proper friends and family affair helmed by the duo’s mdo & Ju Ca, a pair of Melbourne-based souls who share that region’s prevailing grasp of ambient warmth and elemental utility. Where their debut LP, proper, also included guest spots from the likes of Huerco S., The Humble Bee, Dntel, and DJ Paradise, this new 'Bonus' follows suit to infuse the far flung yet mutual spirits of the modern ambient rhizome, dialling in subtle reflections on the originals, as well as new collaborations, that diffuse and extend its pleasures into the gauzy mid-distance.
April 29th, 1979, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman met for the first time at "The Canal Zone" party, and decided to start a band together. Gradually, they invited various Downtown artists to join the group; first Shannon Dawson, then Wayne Clifford, then Nick Taylor and eventually Vincent Gallo. In 1981, Basquiat named his industrial sound band, Gray. Jean named the band after Gray's Anatomy, an important reference source for his later paintings and the perfect name to capture the haunting, machine-like ambient music the band wrote and performed.Gray’s “Shades Of... Anthology” is a reissue of the band’s previously limited self-released album, plus unreleased material and remixes from: Todd Rundgren, Hank Shocklee, King Britt, Sal P (Liquid Liquid), Deantoni Parks, Tewz, Free The Robots and The Gaslamp Killer with features from Amir Yaghmai and Kool Keith!credits
boomkat: ...NPLGNN comes gnashing at the bit for Bristol’s Lava Lava label - a part of the rwdfwd fam - with a mean volley of acid dancehall punk entitled Sonico. Arriving in the wide-eyed wake his Eternal Flame session with Dave Saved and turns with Reel Torque and Where To Now? before that, NPLGNN shows a more rugged and hot-stepping side of his sound that we haven’t heard before.A-side keels in with the gully dancehall slosh of Weaponized Riddim, whipping desiccated claps, kicks and snares into a militant bogle built for extreme daggering - come test! - whereas Dancing Under CS works with a crankier budge, spitting double timed hi-hats and slaty AF bass hits like a rogue Itinerant Dubs workout. B-side is where it really boots off with Sonic Guerrilla, an intensifying payload of squat party raggamuffin noise that seethes with pure malific rave intent. Play this at your next rave/rally/protest to increase the pressure.Big RIYL The Bug, Ossia, DJ Scud