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On the album Shadow Dancing (originally released in 1985), you can hear the musical versatility only an artist like Azar Lawrence can deliver. Next to his trademark jazz sound, this album is filled with funk, soul and boogie influences. If you’re looking for THE perfect mix of synth filled boogie & jazz-funk where the Sax takes the center stage…then this is a highly recommended gem for your record collection (and a must-have for seekers of rare grooves).Also featured on these recordings are some serious all-star guest musicians from the likes of Oren Waters (Herbie Hancock, Curtis Mayfield), Roy Galloway (Jimmy Cliff, Gladys Knight), Fred Johnson (The Temptations, George Clinton), James Gadson (Bill Withers, Quincy Jones), Leo Nocentelli (The Meters, Maceo Parker), Marlo Henderson (Gil Scott-Heron, Ahmad Jamal), Denzil Miller (Kurtis Blow, Diana Ross) and Eddie Brown (Stevie Wonder, Dennis Coffey).Tidal Waves Music proudly presents the FIRST ever vinyl reissue of this fantastic album (originally released in 1985 on Riza Records). This rare record (original copies tend to go for large amounts on the secondary market) is now finally back available as a limited 180g vinyl edition (500 copies) complete with the original artwork.
Avon Terror Corps: ...On the event horizon for a while, at last we’re able to share the first full length hard copy from Bad Tracking - known in the flesh as Gordon Apps and Max Kelan. Edge-to-edge, this duo inhabit a cold realm where every endpoint is compromised and circuit board is fried. Their notorious and blistering live show immortalised in the thousand yard stare of its survivors - innocent bystanders who often struggle to erase the experience from their now, corrupted memory dumps.LP opener ‘Heart’ promptly sets the tone - greeting us with an auditory blue screen of death, jittering and shuddering forwards with no known resolution…. But it’s not long before blasts of harsh rhythmic noise erupt from static, dissociated fog. By ‘Black Rew’, proceedings reach full velocity before crashing abruptly to a halt. Beneath the squall, you can almost hear the drone back at the data centre as the operator pulls frantically at the underlay, struggling to distinguish sinew from circuitry and meshwork.Reboot the system onto Side B, and we’re even treated to a guest appearance from Harry ‘Iceman’ Furniss, who’s cornet eructs some of the only distinguishably organic matter on the record. Then, power on through more mechanical, pulsating chaos - until outro ‘Leisure Park’ hoses you off and sends you on your way.Hardwire yourself into this one...
Mona Steinwidder is Museum of No Art; an experiment in traces of sounds, empty space and playful ritual. Samplers, synths and airy vocal samples leave ‘space in all directions,’ carving structure out of light memory and leaving the listener with plentiful room for breath within the museum's expansive, inverted white walls. The intention behind the album, Steinwidder states, was to deepen her intuitive practice and build a meditative playground with infinite potential. The Hamburg artist has worked under pseudonym Mohna (Me Succeeds), and in collaboration with composer, Alexander Schubert and electronic producer Christian Löffler (Germany); catalyzing this multi-modal approach, a refreshed, quiet sound developed over six months of heavy experimentation in Vienna. The Museum emerges from ‘La Grotta,’ where bio-illumined wormy synths make an ascending haste; lighting up the four walls, playing with resonant drums bouncing off stalactites. Track 5, ‘Form and Focus’ invites delayed wind melodies and sawwy pads in glorious painterly drone. Throughout the LP, Mona’s airy sampled vocals enter in ritualistic repetition, in offering, clarity. Absolute must for daytime dreaming, introspection and relief. - (ioki)
Dirty Dikes classic album 'Return Of The Twat'.Sides A & B produced by Naive. Sides C & D produced by Pete Cannon. Features from Ronnie Bosh, Jam Baxter, Ed Scissortongue, BVA, Mr Key, Fliptrix, Leaf Dog, Verb T, Dabbla, DatKid, Stig Of The Dump, Dr. Syntax & DJ Manipulate.Limited edition repress on solid red vinyl, full colour 350gsm reverse board gatefold sleeve. 13 track LP over 2 discs. Shrink wrapped. ...This 12' release is the fourth in the series in support of the Kuzoku film Bangkok Nites. Both songs here are covers of The Countryside is Great', a 70s luk thung classic originally sung by Runghpet Laemsing. The song, which plays a pivotal role in the film, is re-titled on the A side by Ozawa and the Babylon Band, who deliver a funky version with winsome vocals by Katsuya Tomita, one of the film's directors, who, as Ozawa, also plays the leading role in the film. The Babylon Band is led by Iwao Yamazaki, who has a long-running relationship with Kuzok films, he is the sound engineer of Bangkok Nites. The AA side is a version by the Tokyo-based synthesizer quartet Kufuki, with vocals by Rifu Otsu, a singer/voice performer and master of shigin. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.
Comes with a glow-in-the-dark A2 poster, hand-numbered/stamped flyer, embroidered patch and a glossy double-sided cover.Limited to 100 copies clear vinyl.
Previously Unreleased Cinematic Jazz-Funk for Film & Television by Arranger/Composer J.J. Johnson 21 tracks featuring music from Across 110th Street, Top Of The Heap, The Fuzz Brothers, The Bold Ones. Funky Moog modulations, car chases, moody library cues and a righteous soul sister preaching universal truths all revealed in these recently discovered recordings. Masterful arranging and lush orchestration by one of the giants of the Jazz & Soul/Funk Genres. Cut direct to vinyl from the reference tapes.
Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm Ft. Jehst, Farma G, Jam Baxter, Verb T, Buggsy & Ramson Badbonez. Production by Chemo, 184, Leaf Dog, Jon Phonics, Medison, Naive, Runone, ExtraTeless, Mr Boss, Dillijence, Reklews, Kerem Fraiche & Kontigo.
Seance Centre: ...Plus or Minus Two compiles 4 songs from Kansas City wave pioneers Short-Term Memory’s first cassette album, Every Head Needs Cleaning, with with a song each from their last cassette release Cinema Mind, and their digital retrospective, Flub Dub and Other Love Songs. This EP focuses on the group’s prescient dance-floor DIN-sync workouts which share sensibilities with contemporaneous early Detroit experiments by Juan Atkin’s Cybotron, Ron Hardy’s visionary Kikrokos tape edit, Shoc Corridor’s extended 808 exercises, and 90s Techno Pop by Haruomi Hosono. Rounding off the EP is the existential electronic soul ballad Words. Remastered from the original reels, 45rpm DMM pressing. Kansas City, 1983: a band formed, wires connected and synapses fired. Three friends, tired of guitar/bass/drums rock started jamming with newly acquired synths and Roland TR 606. They called themselves Short-Term Memory. Thanks to the vanguard technology of the time, these electronic instruments spoke to each other, and Jim Skeel, Kevin Dooley & Jon Paul could program their instruments and ride the DIN-sync wave. Weekly jams became more ambitious, and in 1983 they released their first album Every Head Needs Cleaning on their own Silly Poodle Music label. Over the 80s members drifted in and out of the group, and they released 2 cassettes, an LP and a 7” EP. By the 90s Jim Skeel was at the helm, the only original member, and joined by Tim Higgins he continued to record in MIDI mode for a few years before pulling the plug, leaving recordings and memories that resisted the great fade-out of time, and today sound vibrant and more visionary than ever.
The Snakes: future, past, present punk. Outsider rock'n'roll for the greedy listener. De ja vu punk with satisfying sounds, dirty rhythms and shrieking tones. Snakes perform reptile rock with flange and overdrive, shrill budget keys and cowboy swing drumbeats. Cohesive blend of L.A. sleeze, post punk and pop.Providing the new soundtrack for the depraved and twisted - casual bangers include Snakes Bday, Solid Income and Pop Song that fit in with the likes of your Richard Hells, your Gun Clubs and your Electric Eelses. Snakes are Steph Cheeseman, Charlotte Zarb, Jimmy Mcgarrie, James Dadd and Lewis Hodgson.
Acopia is the collaborative project of Kate Durman (Purient), Lachlan McGeehan (Liluzu) and Morgan Wright; an intimate excursion of ultra-emotive dream pop.Written over the course of two years, ‘Chances’ serves as a shared confession of all three members' personal journeys. It captures the melancholy and mourning of breakups, the thrill of finding new love, and the experience of learning to love yourself just as others do. Delivered in a moment of new beginnings, the album offers both blissful hope and sonic escapism. It is a familiar plaintive and joyous journey – a heady swirl of emotion drawing us in, bleary-eyed and pensive.Written and produced by K. Durman, L. McGeehan & M. WrightMixing by D. TuzaMastering by J. BuchanDesign by Amici StudioArtwork by A. NonajPressed by Program Records