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馬鹿世界 โลกบ้า (Crazy World)

馬鹿世界 โลกบ้า (Crazy World)






1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Mar 26, 2021



Juu4e - 馬鹿世界 โลกบ้า (Crazy World) | EM Records (EM1194LP)

EM Records: ...Rising out of the bong haze, Thai master JUU4E is back with his second solo album for EM Records. Fusing hip hop and trap with a pan-Asian blend of influences and samples from the traditional and pop musics of his native country, as well as the musics of Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and other regions across the continent, “Crazy World (’Baka Sekai’ in Japanese)” is an ambitious and sonically adventurous album alive with unexpected juxtapositions, deft production, irresistible grooves and a joyous heart. A true solo album, all the tracks here are performed/arranged/produced by JUU4E, with the final mix provided by Young-G of stillichimiya/OMK. With a versatile and playful vocal style, JUU4E delivers thoughtful, positive lyrics and intriguing imagery, dealing with issues both local and global, old and new, with themes of celebration as well as social criticism. Featuring a cover of a Taiwan pop classic by Teresa Teng, “Crazy World” is available on CD/LP/DL, and comes with informative liner notes and English translations of the lyrics.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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どこかへ行きたい (U Wanna Go Somewhere?) (Skit)



おはようござい麻す อรุณสweed (Dawn Weed)



ネチズン星 ชาวเน็ต (Netizens)



保存と開発 อนุรักษ์และพัฒนา (Preservation And Development)



酔ってるのは誰? สรุปใครเมา? (Who Is Drunk?)



チャス! (はっきり言うぜ) Ieyo Chas! (Chassss! (Say It Clearly!))



あなたの心へのメッセージ หนุ่มสาว (Message For Your Mind)



ホメオパシー ธรรมชาติบำบัด (Homeopathy) (Skit)



膝の傷跡 รอยที่เข่า (Knee Scars)



心の宇宙 จักรวาลภายใน (The Universe Inside)



緑色植物の論理 ทฤษฎีความรักสีเขียว (Green Love Theory)



山小屋のリズム เถียง Rhythm (Rhythm From Da Hut)



一服しにお入り下さい เข้ามา Smoke (Come In And Smoke)



トンブリー丼 (Thonburi Donburi)



天使よ、どうかお慈悲を เทวดาเมตตา ? (Angel, Have Mercy)



良い旅を Bon Voyage (Skit)


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