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1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Oct 1, 2018

Manonmars - Manonmars | Young Echo (YE003)

Young Echo: ...Highly regarded in underground circles since he first transmitted his styles via the airwaves at one of Young Echo’s infamous radio sessions back in 2012, he is a figure that could always be made out lurking in the shadows near the microphone, stepping through a thick cloud of smoke, holding a drink and putting soundboys to rest with an utterly deadly lyrical style and coolness.

The perfect voice for Neek & Amo$’s obscure instrumental anthems, his style is free like the best of Jazz, and his wordplay is sharper than an architect’s pencil…

‘I don’t fuck with fake tan, so please remove yourself from the reflection in my ray bans’
….Step aside kid. Manonmars is the bo$$ now.

A masterfully executed long player that will only get better with each listen, the third release on Young Echo’s very own imprint has been the talk of the town for some years now - and we’re glad it’s here now, out in the world.

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Sleeve: M


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