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Jabu Remixes

Jabu Remixes
Jabu RemixesJabu RemixesJabu RemixesJabu Remixes






1x Vinyl 12"



Release date

Apr 1, 2019

Jabu - Jabu Remixes | Young Echo (YE004)

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Fool If (Jay Glass Dubs Rework)


Wounds (SKRS 2nd Cut Remix)

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Butter Sessions: ...Canadian born and Naarm (Melbourne) based Jennifer Loveless returns one year on from her debut release Hard/Soft (Pure Space Records) with Water, a 12” EP presented by Butter Sessions. Bestowing us with five tracks of dystopian dance-floor thump, Water is a bustling showcase of Jenn’s breadth as an artist. Reflecting on the contrast of Water with her first EP, Loveless comments “I wanted a hard contrast to the Hard/Soft release. I always had a plan to release an energetic frivolous fun type EP after Hard/Soft. I had a feeling people might see me as an ambient producer (although I wouldn’t really categorise Hard/Soft as that), and I guess this EP, Water, is my response”. At its core, Water is a hyper-charged cetacean maelstrom of electronic music, sampling weddell seals, humpback whales, pacific walruses and water itself. Water kicks off with the rumbling patter of Out/Under before moving into the unabating Syzygy (Scissor Me). Jenn stamps a joyful yet skittish imprint onto ECC, while fly on the wall Backroll Buddy sits on a sound bed of audio Jenn recorded at parties, capturing friends chattering and an edit of a Whitney Houston earworm she heard a DJ playing, paying ode to a night out. B L U YOU is a charming endnote; a fusion of fluorescent pop and a catchy bassline. The verdict here is that Water allows Jennifer Loveless to prove herself truly as a jack of all trades. Water takes shape as an engrossing palette of bold dance music.
We Jazz Records is delighted to share the first edition of our new series of reworks with you . Our aim is to invite some of our favourite artists to take a fresh look at our album releases with the interval of 10 full length album releases. In other words, the invited artist has complete freedom to choose (or not to choose) any sample material from their allocated range of ten We Jazz Records albums, and there are no artistic boundaries of what they should do with the material. Each artist will then create a new musical piece based on the sample material and whatever instrumentation they wish to add to it. Fun, eh?
Mona Steinwidder is Museum of No Art; an experiment in traces of sounds, empty space and playful ritual. Samplers, synths and airy vocal samples leave ‘space in all directions,’ carving structure out of light memory and leaving the listener with plentiful room for breath within the museum's expansive, inverted white walls. The intention behind the album, Steinwidder states, was to deepen her intuitive practice and build a meditative playground with infinite potential. The Hamburg artist has worked under pseudonym Mohna (Me Succeeds), and in collaboration with composer, Alexander Schubert and electronic producer Christian Löffler (Germany); catalyzing this multi-modal approach, a refreshed, quiet sound developed over six months of heavy experimentation in Vienna. The Museum emerges from ‘La Grotta,’ where bio-illumined wormy synths make an ascending haste; lighting up the four walls, playing with resonant drums bouncing off stalactites. Track 5, ‘Form and Focus’ invites delayed wind melodies and sawwy pads in glorious painterly drone. Throughout the LP, Mona’s airy sampled vocals enter in ritualistic repetition, in offering, clarity. Absolute must for daytime dreaming, introspection and relief. - (ioki)