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Immortal Onion
XD [Experience Design]

XD [Experience Design]
XD [Experience Design]XD [Experience Design]XD [Experience Design]


UKM 079


1x Vinyl LP Album Stereo



Release date

Apr 3, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Eye Tracking




Omnichannel Journeys pt. I




Omnichannel Journeys pt. II






IA (Information Architecture)

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EM Records: ...December 1982, Tokyo. Kiyoaki Iwamoto has a guitar, a simple rhythm box, a friend with a bass guitar, and some stripped-down songs, brazen in their post-punk simplicity, irritation and controlled aggression, yet full of sadness and resignation. Five songs, including a rearranged version of “Love Will Tear Us Apart” are recorded and released on a now extremely rare 7” record. This release, available on 10” vinyl, CD, or digital download, features those five songs, along with a previously unreleased 1980 live performance by his duo Birei, as well as a 2020 reworking of “Love…”, by the Japanese duo Chisako and Junta. Iwamoto was an enigma, active in the post-punk scene in Japan in the late 70s and early 80s, a member of Birei and founding member of Guys & Dolls with Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz); in the mid-80s he cut contact with his friends, disavowing his name and later performing under a different moniker.
Graft Label: ...In the last decade or so, Rome based crew "Since" has teamed up with Milan crew "Sobborghi" collaborating and supporting each other, until the birth of “GRAFT” a brand new DIY white label.First Graft ever comes from London based and "Baroque Sun Burst" label very own Andrea Bonalumi aka Big Hands.Cover/label design and artworks hand-made by the artist Pietro Agostoni, except for the labels of those copies stocked in Bristol, UK which got finalised by the lovely people at RWD-FWD, our Ww distribution, who got our endless gratitude for their help, their guidance and for these touching words about our project: ...This 12' release is the fourth in the series in support of the Kuzoku film Bangkok Nites. Both songs here are covers of The Countryside is Great', a 70s luk thung classic originally sung by Runghpet Laemsing. The song, which plays a pivotal role in the film, is re-titled on the A side by Ozawa and the Babylon Band, who deliver a funky version with winsome vocals by Katsuya Tomita, one of the film's directors, who, as Ozawa, also plays the leading role in the film. The Babylon Band is led by Iwao Yamazaki, who has a long-running relationship with Kuzok films, he is the sound engineer of Bangkok Nites. The AA side is a version by the Tokyo-based synthesizer quartet Kufuki, with vocals by Rifu Otsu, a singer/voice performer and master of shigin. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.
Lunatic moon! What did you give birth to? A blip, slipshod and shooting has rebooted. Just who are these Hierophants and where on earth have they been - If even on earth at all?They stopped by once before traversing verses and entered obscurity shortly after their 2015 release Parallax Error. As the stars would have it, again they have merged, conceiving their latest LP Spitting Out Moonlight on a hill in Rye and left with Mikey Young to make sense of it all.They are here to put lamps in your lobes where no other light goes. A synapse perhaps, nosing through nodes of those who know it is in their best interest - it is in your best interest - to surrender. Their release is nigh, so seek them now and decide for yourself, does it make you feel neurotic, neuronic, or even moronic?Quick! It is only a short stopover, a glitch visiting and phasing in, out. Anti Fade! Thy saviour of light! Oh, yes, it is very moonee, very moonee indeed.