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1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Jul 10, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Ave Do Deserto



L. Varrido



Doctor Albert Hofmann Encontra Em Barcelona Os Irmãos Siameses (2 Cabeças E 1 Cérebro) "Pico & Peco" Com Sus Sombreros A Admirar La Raponesita De Osaka



She Is Going To "The Hell" And Everybody Knows And Everybody Goes...



Massacre Da Serra Elétrica I



Massacre Da Serra Elétrica II


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uknowme: ...It started with the EP "Krzyżacy", which was released exactly two years ago. Two well-known producers - Daniel Drumz & Hatti Vatti - joined their forces to release an EP, which later on was appreciated by the worldwide listeners, journalists and festival audience. JANKA, which I am talking about, hit the stages of the best Polish festivals such as Opener, Spring Break, Tauron, Slovenian MENT and Moscow Music Week. But that happened in 2019.On March 8th 2021 the duo's debut album, "MIDI Life Crisis" will be released. Daniel Szlajnda and Piotr Kaliński once again prove that there is much more than just musical chemistry between them. What we can hear there are fascinations from dubby minimalism and IDM to jungle and rave - it's hard to label this unique mature album which should be a pleasant surprise for people open to electronic music. "Modern vintage" might be a good description of what we experience there, music is pressed on modular and analog synths and unusual sampling is drowned in delays and reverbs. However it's not from the late '90s, nothing is typical or obvious, the sound and the style of JANKA are unique.On the album, you hear two guest voices - Sujka (i.e. Iwona Król - known from the projects Kobieta z Wydm, Lauda, and Król) and Kacha Kowalczyk (i.e. the voice of Coals), the album was mastered by Kwazar. The unique graphic was designed and created by Zosia Paśnik on the analogue gear (as a diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice). The album is released in analog form in two color versions, the 180-gram vinyl edition also includes three inserts with Zosia's graphics.
EM Records: ...From Scratch was an innovative and highly influential New Zealand-based sound-performance group, making extensive use of found and repurposed objects as well as custom-made instruments in their intricately interlocking percussion music. One of their signature instruments consisted of carefully tuned PVC pipes, played with foam rubber mallets; arrays of these feature prominently, along with drums and tuned percussion, in Gung Ho 1,2,3D, an extended composition which sumptuously investigates polyrhythmic relationships indicated by the number sequences which title each section of the piece. Featured here is the original 1982 recording of the "8, 9, 10" and "9, 10, 11" sections of the piece, previously issued in 1988 by Flying Nun.Rounding out this 2LP and CD release are three 2016 translations of the piece, based on the original score. Japanese group goat provides a driving rhythmic and mathematical analogue, which From Scratch's Phil Dadson, who provides liner notes, describes as "a fast moving shadow, familiar in outline but from another world". German producer Don't DJ imbibes the tribal spirit of Gung Ho and its sense of ritual to deliver a hypnotic immersion, and Utena Kobayashi Group adds wordless voice-worlds and distorted blasts to the ever-onward mix, before a final tropical down-shift.
Limited Edition Purple Vinyl. Only 300 copies!Existing in the liminal space between Bon Iver, James Blake, and Imogean Heap, "Beamorose" builds upon the signature shapeshifting vocals of Penelope Antena (heir to the famed synthpop band Antena and Marc Moulin's "Placebo") by twisting Americana, Gospel, and Folk through a Kaleidoscopic lens, crafting a unique & soulful form of Avant-Pop.Penelope Antena is the heiress to a musical legacy of mythical stature, living and creating on a mountaintop in the Occitanie region of southern France. Her grandfather, Belgian pianist and Jazz-Rock Pioneer Marc Moulin (Placebo, Telex, Aksak Maboul) and mother, founding member of the 80s electro-samba group Antena, Isabelle Powaga, played a tremendous role in supporting and inspiring Penelope to shine in the shadow of their creative heritage.
tagged: ambient experimental hip hop techno trip hop United Kingdom