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Falk & Klou
Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2

Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2
Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2






1x Vinyl LP



Release date

Apr 15, 2022

Falk & Klou - Swedish Library Grooves Vol. 2 | Hattrick (FK001TBH) ...Falk & Klou thrives in the glorious nostalgia of the golden age of grooving jazz, jazzy libraries and pfunky stuff, reimagined in the year of the Corona. The Swedish duo consisting of multi instrumentalists Carl Johan Fogelklou and Fredrik Segerfalk who haphazardly met over a pile of vintage synthesizers that required immediate attention, only to realize that they had a common goal in this life - to pretend that they were recording producers and artist in the seventies. The urge led to actual sessions, first only the two, later to be followed by horn players, drummers and other desperate pandemic struck musicians. In the end ten prominent tracks emerged, with the common denominator being the love of great music. The library of Falk & Klou.

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Finishing Line






Banana Jam



The Dealer



Common Sky



Golden Ear








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This sizzling collection, which originally came out in 1977, features renowned conga player Francisco Aguabella on 11 solid Latin-influenced funk and soul tracks. The talented vocalists (male and female leads) are as contagious as the energetic rhythms. "Ramon's Desire," "Don't Let Them Fool You" (featuring wah-wah guitar licks), "I Wanna Know," "Fantasy" (a bender), and the silky "Image of a Star" are gems.
Welcome to Roseville, the 7th studio album by Har Mar Superstar. Sean Tillmann’s latest collection of songs is career defining culmination of life and musical experiences that were heavily influenced by 70s AM gold artists including Todd Rundgren, Elton John, Carole King, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Genesis, Hall and Oates, Meat Loaf, Dory Previn, and ELO. The album came together in the late months of 2020 and is the first true collaborative effort of the whole touring band. It was distance recorded by all of the members in their home studios and the band’s home base, Mid City Studio, in Minneapolis. It has been described as an “existential homecoming” that chronicles Tillmann’s return to life as a Minnesotan over the last 5 years.Most of the album was produced by bandmates Aaron Baum and Ryan Mach. John Fields (Jonas Brothers, Andrew WK, Har Mar’s 2004 album “The Handler”) returned to Team Har Mar producing “Solid Ghost” and “Hearts Have Misspoken”, and Ryan Olson (Poliça, Gayngs, Swamp Dogg) dropped in to produce “Patchwork Prisms”. Texas musical legends in the making Kam Franklin (The Suffers) and Jackie Venson (one of the greatest guitarists alive) popped by to elevate “Another Century” into a soul duet masterpiece. Denver Dalley (Desaparecidos) and T. Macey Taylor (Bright Eyes, Jenny Lewis, Amanda Shires) appear on “Where We Began” which they helped write on the road while supporting Afghan Whigs a few years back. The band is Nelson Devereaux, Jake Baldwin, Adam Hurlburt, Ethan Elseth, Aaron Baum, and Ryan Mach, and everyone had a hand in co-writing to help make this album a united, genre hopping masterpiece.The whole album is a cohesive journey designed to be listened to front to back, but each track is strong enough to stand on its own.