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01/02 Remixed
01/02 Remixed01/02 Remixed




1x Cassette Limited Edition


Release date

May 22, 2020

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Interior (Alex Ketzer’s Future Trends)



Prickled Hog (Iuna Niva Remix)



Chances (Seren.a Remix)



Interzone 22 (Christoff Riedel Remix)



Squatted (Yibbon Remix)



Prickled Hog (Black Annis Girl Crush Remix)



Inner Conduit (Marbod Remix)



Interior (Point no Point Remix)



Inner Conduit (A.Elm’s 1993 Remix)


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Inversions: ...Inversions are happy to announce their fourth record release - a further collection of unreleased tracks from Rodion Roșca's archives, credited to his three-piece band Rodion G.A. The tracks are culled from several studio recording sessions, and one track recorded in Rodion's home studio. The first sessions, at Radio Cluj over the period 1978-79, produced the basic instrumental backing for what would become "Nu Tu Vei Fi," "Ore," "Bătrânul Cais," and "Moment." Rodion applied the triplicate vocals and effects that would transform them into the finished tracks at home on his Tesla reel to reel machine. When the last session was complete, Rodion asked the engineer if he could record the instrumental tracks directly from the mixing console on to his Tesla machine. A genius stroke, as he was subsequently able to create many further tracks using various repeated rhythms and loops from this same material, tracks equally individual and unrecognisable from the source, such as "Uneori." This earned him the accolades "Orchestra Man," and the "First One-Man Band in Romania." The second session, at the radio station in Bucharest in 1983, was more straightforward, with the tracks "Tamburași, "Satul De Roua" and "Tic Tac" all finished then and there. "Singur Pe Drum," although written in Rodion's teens, was not recorded until 2010 in his home studio.
Launched in an uncertain time, here are 12 tracks from 17 new independent Japanese artists, a physical release from a generation which has an online-release default setting. Not a scene document, not a label sampler, and not a showcase for a collective, this compilation features a selection of artists from all across Japan, selected by ex-Jesse Ruins producer CVN. These songs are snapshots of a sensibility shared by these artists: a love of contemporary electronic pop music, an awareness of melody, and an appreciation of the musical options provided by technology. Not techno or ambient, there is an emphasis on the human voice, with elements of hiphop, trap, EDM and bass music, all subsumed into multiple facets of a glowing electronic bedroom pop gem. Available on CD, vinyl and digital, with English liner notes, lyrics and artist information. These songs are seeds of hope for the coming post-pandemic parties.