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Subscription Double Suicide =零=

Subscription Double Suicide =零=






1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Jun 19, 2020

Various - Subscription Double Suicide =零= | EM Records (EM1192LP)

Launched in an uncertain time, here are 12 tracks from 17 new independent Japanese artists, a physical release from a generation which has an online-release default setting. Not a scene document, not a label sampler, and not a showcase for a collective, this compilation features a selection of artists from all across Japan, selected by ex-Jesse Ruins producer CVN. These songs are snapshots of a sensibility shared by these artists: a love of contemporary electronic pop music, an awareness of melody, and an appreciation of the musical options provided by technology. Not techno or ambient, there is an emphasis on the human voice, with elements of hiphop, trap, EDM and bass music, all subsumed into multiple facets of a glowing electronic bedroom pop gem. Available on CD, vinyl and digital, with English liner notes, lyrics and artist information. These songs are seeds of hope for the coming post-pandemic parties.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Dove - Irrational



Lil Soft Tennis - Feelin' Love



玉名ラーメン - Angelnumber



Karavi Roushi - Tokyoite - Val Kilmer (Love Her)



Valknee - 人生最高のSSS (2020 Mix)



NTsKi - Labyrinth Of Summer (KM Remix)



Seaketa - よい



Menace無 - Lucky Guess



lIlI - 悪夢



CVN - Withoutu






Le Makeup - Ray


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Young Echo: ...Highly regarded in underground circles since he first transmitted his styles via the airwaves at one of Young Echo’s infamous radio sessions back in 2012, he is a figure that could always be made out lurking in the shadows near the microphone, stepping through a thick cloud of smoke, holding a drink and putting soundboys to rest with an utterly deadly lyrical style and coolness.The perfect voice for Neek & Amo$’s obscure instrumental anthems, his style is free like the best of Jazz, and his wordplay is sharper than an architect’s pencil…‘I don’t fuck with fake tan, so please remove yourself from the reflection in my ray bans’….Step aside kid. Manonmars is the bo$$ now.A masterfully executed long player that will only get better with each listen, the third release on Young Echo’s very own imprint has been the talk of the town for some years now - and we’re glad it’s here now, out in the world.
Inversions: ...After the release of Technique & Rite in 2017, and the album Terminal Desert release under the name LaBrecque / Barakat earlier this year, here comes the second “official” Crème de Hassan record on Inversions.Whereas the two previous releases were based on longer instrumental jams, Tricontinental Circus is focused on rhythm and language, and the resulting 11 tracks are short and compact, exploring the possibilities of combining these into improbable hybrids.The tracks include Haitian voodoo rhythms, a Burkinabe flute player aligned with a sequencer and a guitar + synth jam with echoes of the sound of early 1970s Düsseldorf.The languages that are dispersed across the album come from Cambodia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco and include an Arabic translation of Nietsche by friend of the band Ayoub El Mouzaine. ...This 12' release is the fourth in the series in support of the Kuzoku film Bangkok Nites. Both songs here are covers of The Countryside is Great', a 70s luk thung classic originally sung by Runghpet Laemsing. The song, which plays a pivotal role in the film, is re-titled on the A side by Ozawa and the Babylon Band, who deliver a funky version with winsome vocals by Katsuya Tomita, one of the film's directors, who, as Ozawa, also plays the leading role in the film. The Babylon Band is led by Iwao Yamazaki, who has a long-running relationship with Kuzok films, he is the sound engineer of Bangkok Nites. The AA side is a version by the Tokyo-based synthesizer quartet Kufuki, with vocals by Rifu Otsu, a singer/voice performer and master of shigin. Cover art by Shinsuke Takagi of Soi48.