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Surprise Barbue





1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Mar 26, 2021

Surprise Barbue - Kabukichō | Zamzam Records (ZZ66)

zamzamrec: ...⧘❒ ⧙❍

Surprise Barbue, duo piece of Kevin Valentin and Benjamin
Moutte. Ode for synthesizers. Robots with a chlorophyll taste
wearing neon pink wigs. They illustrate shaded cinematic frames.
They paint misty asteroid vignettes as a tapestry.

Cosmic patches, raw textures, arpeggiators either hypnotic or
sharp. The character of each keyboards is expressed in a precise
and careful mix, flowing into a synthetic stream in fluorescent

With Kabukichō, their debut LP for Zamzamrec, the composition
was based around the creation of mini landscapes with cosmic
and mythological atmospheres. The sounds evoke Sci-fi
universes, psychedelic ambiances as well as early music and
repetitive music, not to mention the allusions to the pioneers of
electronic music. Each influence takes place in the different
scenes of the same story.

Like their first EP Super Barbu, released on cassette in 2019
(ZZ56), the recording creates a unique contemplative experience.
Ascending phases and striking chords, frenzied and uplifting
sections, for a both rhythmical and meditative effect. While the
«live» matter and experiments are remodelled and transcended.
The sound becomes denser, more melodic and more balanced.
The whole album is shaping by the coherence of a narrative work.

Concept album, astral travel, hallucinatory and luminous. We
enter Kabukichō, as we enter in a Philip K. Dick novel : altered
state of consciousness, parallel universes and Suddenly the

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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