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Third Eye Of The Storm

Third Eye Of The Storm
Third Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The StormThird Eye Of The Storm






2x Vinyl LP Album Limited Edition Repress



Release date

Apr 23, 2012


Hip Hop

Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm | High Focus Records (HFRLP002)

Fliptrix - Third Eye Of The Storm Ft. Jehst, Farma G, Jam Baxter, Verb T, Buggsy & Ramson Badbonez. Production by Chemo, 184, Leaf Dog, Jon Phonics, Medison, Naive, Runone, ExtraTeless, Mr Boss, Dillijence, Reklews, Kerem Fraiche & Kontigo.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Fliptrix - The Storm


Fliptrix - War To Your Door


Fliptrix - Frontline Terror


Fliptrix - Mind Travelling


Fliptrix - Me Against The World


Fliptrix - See The Sun


Fliptrix - Soundscapes


Fliptrix - Walk This Way


Fliptrix - Third Eye Sight


Fliptrix - Wylin Out


Fliptrix - It's No Lie


Fliptrix - Nothing's Quite As It Seems


Fliptrix - Drifting


Fliptrix - The Essence


Fliptrix - Paradise


Fliptrix - Sun's Down

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