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Crème de Hassan
Tricontinental Circus

Tricontinental Circus
Tricontinental CircusTricontinental CircusTricontinental CircusTricontinental Circus




1x Vinyl LP Album



Release date

Nov 29, 2019

Crème de Hassan - Tricontinental Circus | Inversions (INV006)

Inversions: ...After the release of Technique & Rite in 2017, and the album Terminal Desert release under the name LaBrecque / Barakat earlier this year, here comes the second “official” Crème de Hassan record on Inversions.

Whereas the two previous releases were based on longer instrumental jams, Tricontinental Circus is focused on rhythm and language, and the resulting 11 tracks are short and compact, exploring the possibilities of combining these into improbable hybrids.

The tracks include Haitian voodoo rhythms, a Burkinabe flute player aligned with a sequencer and a guitar + synth jam with echoes of the sound of early 1970s Düsseldorf.

The languages that are dispersed across the album come from Cambodia, Afghanistan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco and include an Arabic translation of Nietsche by friend of the band Ayoub El Mouzaine.

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Haitian Head Charge




Momo Von Bobo


Blaukraut Or No Kraut


Coeur De Boeuf




Muezzin Death Dance


3 Peals Of Laughter


Song Of Dawn


Ululation Nation


Live At West Germany / Nietsche D'Arabie

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