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Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)

Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)
Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79)






1x Vinyl LP Compilation Stereo



Release date

Jun 12, 2020





Various - Pyramid Pieces 1 (Modal & Eco-Jazz From Australia 1969-79) | The Roundtable (PYR01)

Sky Diver Records: ...This compilation is a showcase of this period and the various forms of modern jazz indicative of the scene, from modal and deep spiritual jazz through to avant-jazz film soundtracks and the unique sub-genre ‘Eco Jazz’ (a distinctive style which drew vivid inspiration from Australia’s natural environment).

Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Jazz Co/Op - A La Coltrane


The Alan Lee Quartet - Sunflower


The John Sangster Quartet - Exploration Of The Sun


Galapagos Duck - Kate Did


The Brian Brown Quintet - Wildflowers


Peter Gaudion's Blues Express - People Make The World Go 'Round

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