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Kiki Kudo
Profile Eterna

Profile Eterna


Kiki Kudo




1x Vinyl 12"


UK & Europe

Release date

Mar 4, 2022



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


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Space Planar


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boomkat: ...Smiling C have us beaming again with ambient house treasure from a lesser-hailed node of the early ’90s UK house and rave sceneDancing between the lines of jacking Chi-house, psychedelic bleep techno and ambient house, the ‘Mad Vibe’ EP is the sole output by DJ Mad & Dr. Stevie The Ambient Guru, who, if we’re not mistaken, hail from the raving outpost of Middlesbrough on England’s North East coast - a sorely overlooked bastion of the original northern UK rave circuit. This level of detachment from the UK rave scene perhaps explains the offbeat formulation of the ‘Mad Vibe’ EP, which clearly echoes the styles of Yorkshire bleep ’n bass an hour south, but with a rawer, radgy, playful edge.A-side sports ‘Northern Echo’ with its properly charming mix of palm wine or Hawaiian guitar and simmering, latinate machine rhythms in deliciously woozy style, while ‘Communication’ hops around on a sparky jack attack with tumbling toms, nagging bleeps and catty psych guitar licks in the last third. B-side only gets ruder with ’System Shock’ working on the cusp of New Beat and some other strain of quintessentially UK rave nuttiness, and ‘Levitating Pharaohs (Full Frontal Spacehead Ambient Mix)’ wraps up in the barminess in balmy ambient guitar, sweet synth chords and rustling NYC deep house rhythms.
Korea Town Acid (Jessica Cho) is a South Korean-born and Toronto-based musician creating some of the more interesting and genre-melding music today. Born in Seoul, she bridges the divide between cultures with her new album Metamorphosis, working with Toronto based artist DESIIRE, U.K.-based Korean pianist and rapper Pianwooo, Seoul rapper PNSB, L.A beatmaker Dreamdave and New Jersey MC, L.J The Alien.The album is a genre-defying creation of hip-hop, glitch, jungle, house and dub, blending them together over the full album and even on individual tracks. “Law Of Attraction (삶)“ delivers on slowed dub with her soft voice in the background, while “Eclipse (일)” with PNSB is a silky smooth combination of Korean rap and house music. “Bounce (흥)" picks up the energy with a bouncing rap beat and Pianwooo who adds some light piano and a mix of rapping and deep growls.
zamzamrec: ...⧘❒ ⧙❍Surprise Barbue, duo piece of Kevin Valentin and BenjaminMoutte. Ode for synthesizers. Robots with a chlorophyll tastewearing neon pink wigs. They illustrate shaded cinematic frames.They paint misty asteroid vignettes as a tapestry.Cosmic patches, raw textures, arpeggiators either hypnotic orsharp. The character of each keyboards is expressed in a preciseand careful mix, flowing into a synthetic stream in fluorescenthues.With Kabukichō, their debut LP for Zamzamrec, the compositionwas based around the creation of mini landscapes with cosmicand mythological atmospheres. The sounds evoke Sci-fiuniverses, psychedelic ambiances as well as early music andrepetitive music, not to mention the allusions to the pioneers ofelectronic music. Each influence takes place in the differentscenes of the same story.Like their first EP Super Barbu, released on cassette in 2019(ZZ56), the recording creates a unique contemplative experience.Ascending phases and striking chords, frenzied and upliftingsections, for a both rhythmical and meditative effect. While the«live» matter and experiments are remodelled and transcended.The sound becomes denser, more melodic and more balanced.The whole album is shaping by the coherence of a narrative work.Concept album, astral travel, hallucinatory and luminous. Weenter Kabukichō, as we enter in a Philip K. Dick novel : alteredstate of consciousness, parallel universes and Suddenly thevoid...