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Soma Coma




1x Vinyl 12" 45 RPM



Release date

Feb 15, 2015



Media: Mi
Sleeve: M


*Taxes included, shipping price excluded


Faming Rash


Never Again


Gimme Soma


Ayak Akaï


Imperial Dick


Area Boys


Hardcore Gimp



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boomkat: ...Killer art-skool avant-pop from 1981,sung in made-up languages and dished up for the first time by Concentric Circles - the personal imprint of Freedom To Spend’s Jed Bindeman, following his issue of Carola Baer’s home-brewed synth-pop masterpiece. Kudos to Bindeman for reaching the point, after just a couple of releases, where we're convinced beyond any doubt that everything on this label is gonna be gold.
Over the last four years the Geelong group have become a burgeoning force in the Australian punk scene. Their burly, brusque yet supple songs have evolved from the garage rock of 2017’s TV Organs album into the post-punk panic attack of last year’s Company Man EP. Now they’ve sculpted their sound further, the barrage now offset with robust songwriting, their full-pelt bounce tempered with flailing guitar lines and sardonic commentary. Bringing to mind Wire tackling tracks from early 7”s by The Yummy Fur, it’s an inspired approach, both striking and effortlessly mirthful. Vintage Crop still dish-up plenty of commanding stomp, their lyrics remain as keen-eyed as ever, but now they’re unafraid to mess with the tempo and drive their point home.
.Oregon sextet Elite Beat continue their dubwise world-groove mission with a two track 12”of what sounds like organic, in the moment live takes with an intro count to boot. Layers of psychedelic sax and drums ebb and flow alongside heavy low end, building on their compilation of ‘healing and hypnosis’ inspired jams Selected Rhythms Vol. 2. Despite being based across the ocean, big Jah Shaka dance vibrations occupy the A-side with a steady house tempo combining with the woodwind across ten minutes of proper body music.The slower, introspective approach to side B takes in elements of post-rock with flourishes of electric guitar yet grounds itself in the dub mentality through pulsing sub-bass and swirling synth work. The wide-reaching bed of influences present in Portland’s bands, shops and labels shows itself time again in Elite Beat’s work, evident through recent collaborations with Mdou Moctar and past outings here at Research.